How Artificial Intelligence will impact digital marketing in 2018

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With artificial intelligence infiltrating its way into so many areas of our lives, digital marketing is an area in which it can make huge impact. Using intelligent software that is able to analyse, predict, reason, and decide within the marketing industry allows businesses to directly target their ideal audience.

It enables businesses to better understand and connect with their customers to create more precise results. Using Artificial Intelligence, digital marketers can receive buyers’ data, which in turn will enable them to personalize the user experience and engage with their audience in a more relevant way. This will naturally increase conversion rates for sales.

We know that AI is becoming more intelligent each year as technology develops, but how will it impact digital marketing in 2018? Many of the possibilities are still in the early stages and maybe 2018 is the year AI makes a huge breakthrough in the digital marketing world.

Visual Search Engines

With AI software, image recognition has become increasingly smart and now not only identifies single objects, but can also give a detailed description of an image.

There are visual search platforms such as Camfind, which allow you to take a photo and the app will give you the closest search results and details. This gives users a precise and easy experience without having to use a standard search engine to describe an item.

The huge number of images that users share on social media daily can be analysed by AI to allow businesses to learn consumer patterns and behaviours. This can help brands understand more about their customer demographics and direct marketing strategies to increase ROI.


Chatbot is programmed so that, when it’s given data from a customer, it will interact based on that data. The quality of chatbots is improving at a fast pace and many businesses are beginning to develop their own to allow customers to receive an instant reply to solve their query. As the quality of chatbots improves, this will give way to a communication network with other abilities such as voice, leading the way to a more personalized service.

Predictive marketing

This is already being utilized to reduce the sale-cycle and makes the customer’s decision easier than ever before. When a user browses the internet, data is collected about their behavior and search patterns allowing digital marketers to direct relevant information towards them.

As these types of algorithms with AI improve and multiply, it will become a challenge for SEO and traditional digital marketing techniques to hold up.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and social media outreach, businesses now know their customers behaviour and trends better than ever before. As these technologies improve, marketers will have such a clear understanding of their target audience. They will be armed with the tools that can drive sales and multiply their engagement and online presence.

It is a strange feeling for users and we sometimes hear of people discussing ads ‘following’ them online. But as AI improves so will the content that is targeted towards people. In the end, it should create a positive outcome for both the marketer and the consumer. It will be interesting to see how AI affects digital marketing in 2018.

Watch out to see if your content becomes more targeted and personalized throughout the year, we know it will be.

What’s your view on this topic?

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