Site Optimization Diagnostics

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Do you want to look at how people interact within any given website on average? Here you’ll find some basic stages of user behaviour within a website and the metrics you could look at.

Analysing your Web traffic, looking at what’s performing and what isn’t within your website will help you enhance the customer experience of your audience and ultimately will help you increasing revenue.

1- Being found

Identify each source of traffic. When a referring website has more than one link to your website, adding tracking codes will help you identify from where on this referring website are coming from. This is key for marketing activities such PPC or Affiliates.

Search listings require knowing what the listings are and how the search engines are indexing you. A good way to look at how well or bad your pages are indexing is through the Search Console at Google or the Bing Webmaster tool in Bing.

2- Getting them through the door

Here you will be looking at what are the main pages your audience is getting to your website from, which can be found at Behaviour – Site Content – Landing pages report in Google analytics. This report is very useful to identify first experience of a visitor with your website. How well those pages are performing or how each of them is converting through your specific goals.

Additionally, looking at the main exit pages on Behaviour – Site Content – Exit pages report in Google analytics, will help you visualizing any potential leak your website can be facing.  So you could plan an optimization plan to reduce number of exits from this page.

3- Moving them through the site

Average duration, average number of pages?

Visit polling—look at page sequences to assess behaviour.

4- Acquisition

What percentage of visitors view the target pages (prospect rate), and what percentage complete them (abandonment rate)?

What are your exit pages? Is there a pattern to visits which fail?

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