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Benefits of Facebook Audience Segmentation for Targeting Potential Customers

The Rise of Online Advertising As A Precursor To Social Media Advertising Before social media, most…
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Top Reasons Why Google Ads Will Help Your Small Business Reach New Clients

If you don’t know who your customers are and what they are looking for, how can…
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How the Right Technology Can Prevent Healthcare Data Theft

Digitization may have revolutionized and facilitated how the healthcare industry takes care of patients and records…
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Covid-19 And Its Effect On The Food Industry And Marketing Efforts

In December 2019, people who visited the Wuhan live animal market in China started complaining of…
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Digital Marketing within the Foodtech Industry

The terms ‘dinner’ and ‘customer’ have changed dramatically in the digital era. They aren’t just faceless…
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3 Adwords Hacks That Will Drive More Local Traffic

Who said the retail industry is dead? According to statistics from the British Retail Consortium, physical…
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