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Ensure that you have a considerable advantage over your competitors by incorporating a carefully devised digital strategy for your company’s marketing efforts.

Digital strategies are an integral part of our multi-faceted digital marketing services. We focus on target and keyword research, consumer behaviour, studying trends, relevant branding/marketing, digital and social media campaigns, and fostering long-term connections with customers.

Digital Consultancy

Make sure your campaign is keeping pace with web and consumer trends.

Deliver on Time

Never miss a deadline again and keep your target audience hooked with timely, relevant content.

Build a Brand Reputation

Use a digital strategy to build a corporate, professional, and responsible brand image to cement your digital presence. Boost the audience’s trust in you and your brand.

In 2019, the United Kingdom had 5.9 million small businesses and 5.6 million micro-businesses. It’s easy to get lost in a crowd that’s so large—a digital strategy helps you stand out. We help our clients construct relevant and results-oriented digital marketing strategies.

Our digital strategies take social media, on-page, off-page, and technical SEO into account, as well as PPC marketing campaigns and more. The goal is long-term business success and a better digital presence.


Increase Organic Traffic


Decrease Bounce Rate


Increase Average Visit Duration


Increase Pages Per Session

Create a Content Strategy

Search engines use algorithms to crawl and index web pages. As a small or growing business in the UK, you can push yourself to the prized top ranks on Google by creating credible and quality content. And for that, you’ll need a strategy. The BERT update Google recently pushed is all about the customer—so at Digital Noddle, we start by building buyer personas, and creating targeted content for them.

Promotion of Content

An important part of any digital strategy is to ensure that your quality content is reaching the right people at the right time. Whether through SEO (local and otherwise) or aggressive PPC campaigns, we can help you achieve your ROIs. We can also help you build and time your social media marketing campaigns. Briefly put, we begin with an industry and market analysis, a buyer profile, and then launch a carefully planned digital strategy in order to achieve certain goals.

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