Increased Company Leads by 791% in 5 months

Client Industry:

Fintech (Financial Technology)

Challenges Faced:

A reputed fintech company with disruptive financial services was struggling to increase the number of their leads while keeping the cost per head low. They were facing difficulties to gain more customers and increase their financial liquidity.

We were approached by the company to help their business attain greater visibility, especially with regards to their services, and increase the number of customers.

Service Provided:

Paid Search

Company Leads Increased By a Massive 791%

How It Worked

In September 2018, we were approached by a Fintech Insurance company for assistance with lead generation and lowered cost per head. At the time, the company was averaging at 23 leads per month, at a cost per lead of £98.

We employed our paid search services to develop remarketing strategies and display ads. As soon as these went live on the relevant channels:

  • Performance picked up in Oct 2018
  • Performance peaked from January onwards

Between December 2018 and January 2019, the average number of monthly leads increased to 205. The average cost per lead fell to just £40.

Key Achievements

Through our paid search and remarketing strategies:

  • Leads increased by 791% compared to previous period
  • Cost Per Lead fell by 59% compared to previous period
  • The company got a fresh look and a brand-new media strategy

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