Online Health Products

Achieved a 3.97 ROAS in 4 months

Client Industry:

Online Health Products

Challenges Faced:

The brand was struggling with their online sales. Due to a lack of specialised knowledge in this regard, they had had poor results with conversion optimization and Facebook ads previously, and needed to achieve a 2.10 ROAS.

We were approached by the brand to help them build an online presence and to increase leads.

Service Provided:

Paid Facebook and Consultation

A Phenomenal 230% Increase in Sales Was Observed

How It Worked

We were approached by a business in the health food niche selling health products online. While the brand had a strong grasp of local marketing and would frequently attend relevant events and markets to promote their products, they weren’t as well-versed in digital sales.

Upon being contacted by the client and running a data check, we discovered that they had been neglecting Facebook Ads and conversion optimization for marketing their products. As a result, their online presence had suffered and required specialized local SEO and marketing. At the time, the client needed their Facebook ads to achieve a ROAS of 2.5.

Through our research and consultation, we:

  • Uncovered that their potential customers prefer health products that were /sugar free/gluten free
  • Helped the brand enhance their online presence
  • Developed new Facebook advertising campaigns for the brand

Key Achievements

With our Facebook ad services and consultation, the brand:

  • Achieved a ROAS of 3.97 (a profit of £3.97 for every £1 investment)
  • Saw a 230% increase in total sales
  • Saw a 106% increase in revenue
  • Spent £12k on ads and generated £45k in revenue

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