Online Course Platform

Conversions went up by 111% in 10 months

Client Industry:

Online Course Platform

Challenges Faced:

An online course platform was having trouble increasing conversions and lowering costs for their PPC account. They approached us to help them boost online traffic and get more sign-ups on their education platform.

Service Provided:

Paid Search Case Study

Significantly Increased Conversions by 111%

How It Worked

An online business that offered online courses wanted to boost their conversions while also lowering costs for their PPC account. This required in-depth research of their business and the digital strategies they had previously adopted, and an analysis on how to improve them.

To deliver the best possible results, we started by first familiarising ourselves with the company’s overall marketing objectives as well as their ROIs. Once we’d had a clear understanding of what they were hoping to achieve from paid search and who they were looking to target, we:

  • Built a paid search strategy to deliver campaign targets and KPIs
  • Developed strategies to help the brand boost conversion and lower costs

Key Achievements

Our paid search strategy produced some impressive results over the campaign’s lifetime from February 2019 to November 2019.

These included:

  • 111% growth in conversions
  • 167% growth in clicks
  • 27.3% growth in ROIs
  • 26.5% decrease in cost per conversion

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