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How the Right Technology Can Prevent Healthcare Data Theft

Digitization may have revolutionized and facilitated how the healthcare industry takes care of patients and records data, but it is a double-edged sword. While the industry has to provide high-quality patient experience and remain ahead of the competition, it does so at immense risk to the communities it serves by making their personal data easy […]

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Digital Marketing within the Foodtech Industry

The terms ‘dinner’ and ‘customer’ have changed dramatically in the digital era. They aren’t just faceless consumers anymore; they have names, likes and dislikes – all of which have an impact on not only what they buy, but how they choose brands and stores to buy from. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the […]

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3 Adwords Hacks That Will Drive More Local Traffic

Who said the retail industry is dead? According to statistics from the British Retail Consortium, physical retail stores increased by more than 4,000 stores in 2017. For each company, one store was closed and 2.7 companies opened their stores. While department stores remain the same, super stores thrive. E-commerce sales in 2017 grew 24.8% compared […]

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What Google Looks for in a Hospital Website

If your hospital website is not getting any love from Google, shoddy SEO may be the culprit. A site that is user-friendly and fully optimised can attract search engines and, thus, your intended audience. We can say that data has been democratized, in a way, as more digital solutions for the industry emerge. What Hospitals […]

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The Future of Healthcare Technology

Scared of the possibility of a nightmarish world where robots take over our healthcare technology facilities and have humans running on colossal hamster wheels? Fortunately, that’s a distant possibility – if one at all. What we do know for now, however, is that technology is shaping the future of the healthcare industry – and doing […]

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SEO Checklist: Everything You Need to Rank in 2019

Do you want your website to rank higher in the coming year? If so, check out this SEO checklist to learn about everything you need to rank in 2019. Keyword(s): seo checklist Getting your site to rank first on a search engine can be pretty difficult. This is especially true if the market surrounding your […]

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Want To Grow Your Website? Here Are 7 Website Marketing Strategies That Will Quickly Boost Your Traffic!

Here Are 7 Website Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Website Traffic Being noticed by customers can seem impossible on the web. But there’s still hope! Read this for 7 website marketing strategies to boost your web traffic! With nearly 2 billion live websites in the world, you may wonder what it takes for your site to get […]

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Google’s URL Inspection Tool

If you run a website and are concerned about your site’s search rankings, you may have wondered how your site displays on Google and other search engines. Webmasters know the pain of having to manually search their own sites and check Google to see if their applied metatags stick—and if you constantly change these tags, […]

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SEO Rankings

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your SEO Rankings

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results.” The above statement may sound like an exaggeration to some but the truth isn’t far from it. The reality is that users hardly go to the second page of search results. Besides, more than 93% of all online activities starts […]

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Search Engine Optimization Will help Your Business A Success

If you want to become a successful website owner, you will surely want to invest some time and energy into learning how to increase your search engine rankings. By reading this article, you will learn some of the best ideas for improving your search engine rankings. You should take time to familiarize yourself with what […]

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Site Optimization Diagnostics

Do you want to look at how people interact within any given website on average? Here you’ll find some basic stages of user behaviour within a website and the metrics you could look at. Analysing your Web traffic, looking at what’s performing and what isn’t within your website will help you enhance the customer experience […]

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