Paid Search – PPC

Key Benefits of PPC Ads

  • More than 90% of online activities begin from a search engine, making PPC ads indispensable for your growth.
  • Measurable metrics help you customize a PPC ad as per changing trends and reap full benefits.
  • PPC ads are instrumental in enhancing a brand’s visibility.
  • PPC ads are compatible with other marketing platforms too.
  • Being super-quick, these ads let you compete with industry veterans on an equal footing.
  • By offering users what they want, a PPC ad becomes an apt mechanism to draw relevant traffic.
  • As you pay only when someone clicks your ad, it is completely risk-free.

PPC ads are adept in boosting sales. Unfortunately, many use them wrongly!

75% PPC AdWords Spending Goes To Waste

How We Do It?

Since AD Rank = CPC Bid (X) Quality Score, DIGITAL NODDLE experts work is to improve the quality score, including CTR, keyword relevance, landing page impact, user experience etc.

The AdWords world being dynamic, we never keep our clients’ PPC Ad campaigns static, making continuous changes whenever necessary to ensure the ROI is always high.

We bid only on relevant keywords, without wasting money by bidding on too many of them. Only less than 6% keywords cause conversions and we ensure what we buy for you works.

Our regular campaign reports result in transparency, letting you see yourself how your ad campaigns are doing wonders to your business.